Managing People Better—Straight talk on where your management style is and isn't working.

Managing People Better is primarily a research endeavor. The questionnaire, in addition to being a free management training tool, is giving us data to look at gender and generational differences in management styles, as well as other management topics.

We hope this site is very useful to you personally and we thank you for taking part in something bigger—the quest for new insights into the management field.

Who Conceived Managing People Better?

Peter Friedes, retired CEO of the human resources consulting giant Hewitt Associates, is the architect of the Managing People Better questionnaire. Under his leadership, Hewitt grew 23 percent each year for 23 years and earned a continuous spot in the book The 100 Best Companies to Work For in America.

While at Hewitt, Pete worked continuously to create more effective ways to develop managers. He asked, "What fundamental skills do our best managers have? How do we assess our existing managers and then help each of them do better?"

Managing People Better synthesizes over two decades of experimenting into a powerful, simple tool to help almost all managers, even if they are already good at managing.